Best cafes in Mauritius


Not unlike the British, tea (or coffee!) time in Mauritius is nothing short of sacred: head to any Mauritian household at around four or five in the afternoon and you’ll be sure to find them gathered around the table, savoring fat cups of tea or coffee, possibly with a stack of homemade sweet or savory crepes on the side.

In recent years, coffee culture has certainly grown on the island, with most people flocking to cafes at any hours of the day to get their fix of joe. Rest assured that you can find cafes just about anywhere on the island, so you certainly won’t have to travel far for your afternoon fix.

Here are just a few of the best cafes in Mauritius.

Hideaway Garden Restaurant

There’s no denying that this particular café does live up to its name: indeed, Hideaway Garden Restaurant is so tucked away in the middle of a scenic garden that if you don’t know where to go, you’ll probably never find it. I actually stumbled upon this café by complete accident after getting lost one day and boy am I glad I did! With wrought-iron, French-inspired outdoor furniture in its lush garden, this café is set right next to a river, which means that you can enjoy a decadent cappuccino while listening to the gentle sloshing of the water. I can also recommend their Madeleines and pastries.

I will, however, admit that the prices are a bit on the steep side, but as one of the best cafes in Mauritius that’s set in a truly enchanting location, I do think it’s worth the price.

  • Location: Trianon
  • Telephone number : (230) 466 7108
  • Opening hours : Monday-Sunday, 9am to 5pm
Hideaway resto.jpg
Photo credit: Hideaway Garden Restaurant 

Vida E Caffe

As far as the best cafes in Mauritius are concerned, this is my go-to place. With a vibrant and bustling atmosphere, Vida E Caffe can be found in some of the major shopping malls on the island, including Bagatelle, La Croisette and Phoenix Commercial Center. This is also one of the rare places in Mauritius that offers pumpkin spice latte every month of the year. Patrons will undoubtedly love the friendly, exuberant baristas and the dining-room style settings, with both individual and common tables. During the day, this café is extremely popular among entrepreneurs who very often host meetings or work away on their laptops while savoring Vida’s many delicacies.

Along with an extended range of hot and cold coffees, Vida E Caffe also offers freshly baked pastries, baguettes and healthier alternatives like quinoa salads. Be warned that this is not some quaint, delicate place where you’ll be able to enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet: what sets Vida E Caffe apart is its loud, bustling and noisy atmosphere which perfectly echoes its wide range of coffees.

  • Location: Bagatelle Mall, Moka
  • Telephone number : (230) 468 8834
  • Opening hours: Monday-Saturday, 9am to 10pm, Sundays 9.30am to 5.30pm
Vida E Caffe.jpg
Photo credit: Vida E Caffe Facebook 

 Cafe LUX

With a Parisian-style sidewalk setting, Café Lux embodies the style and elegance that has become synonymous with the prestigious Lux chain of resorts. Consequently, patrons can expect the same hotel standard when it comes to their cake and coffee at Café Lux. This establishment particularly specializes in Filter coffees as well as a special blend known as the Nitro Cold Brew, which is served ice cold- perfect for those sweltering tropical days!

Other options include flavored lattes such as caramel, vanilla, white chocolate, almond, amaretto and hazelnut. What helped make this café so popular all across, Mauritius, however, is its extended range of cakes and pasties, especially the gloriously decadent red velvet and opera cake. Because it is centrally situated, Café Lux is also a popular lunch spot and mostly serves light fares that won’t weigh you down at work such as made-to-order salads.

  • Location: Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis
  • Telephone number : (230) 464 4738
  • Opening hours: Monday-Sunday, 10am to 9pm
Cafe Lux.JPG
Photo credit:

Chelsea’s Cup n’ Cake

One of the best cafes in Mauritius, Chelsea’s Cup n’ Cake is insanely popular on the island- and for good reason. This is the place where you’ll be able to enjoy the types of brews that you probably won’t get anywhere else in the country! Packed with flowers- yes, this café also doubles as a flower shop- Chelsea’s Cup n’ Cake certainly doesn’t skimp on portion sizes. Oversized cups of creamy cappuccino, filled to the very brim, await you next to thick wedges of red velvet cake with a decadent cream cheese frosting. This place also offers unique options such as curry scones. If you’re a food purist, however, rest assured that you’ll certainly find more conventional options such as freshly baked scones with jam and clotted creams. It’s also good to note that this is probably the only place in Mauritius where you’ll get to sample such a traditional British tea-time fare.

Additionally, Chelsea’s Cup n’ Cake specializes in a variety of homemade ice teas and brews, such as Basil and Ginger cider.

  • Location: Curepipe
  • Telephone number : (230) 673 1573
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturdays, 9am to 6pm
Chelsea's Cup n Cake.jpg
Photo credit:’s Cup n Cake


One of the most sought-after establishments in Paris, Paul recently opened its doors on the island and has rapidly emerged as one of the best cafes in Mauritius. True to its French roots, this café specializes in light albeit delectable delicacies such as delicate macaroons with a velvety filling, dainty cups of espresso and much more. The portion sizes are typically French- so while everything is on the smallish side, there’s no denying that every single bite is practically brimming with flavor.

Along with an extended range of teas and coffees, pastries, fresh baguettes and glorious knobs of pure, creamy butter, Paul also specializes in light lunch fares such as chilled soup, salads, steaks cooked to your liking and more. Located in Bagatelle mall, it also offers a pavement seating in true French bistro style.

  • Location: Bagatelle Shopping Mall, Moka
  • Telephone number : (230) 4710919
  • Opening hours: Monday to Fridays, 9.30am to 8.30pm, Saturdays 9.30am to 10pm, Sundays, 9.30am to 3pm.
Photo credit: 

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